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School Governors

At Whitefield school, we are proud to have a team of Governors made up of individuals with a variety of skills and experience, who all have a desire to make a difference to the lives of children, young people and the local community.  Our role is to support the Headteacher and Senior Leadership team in improving the school, set the vision and strategic direction of the school and ensure the school is financially healthy.

The Governing body has six meetings per academic year. There are also 2 sub-committees: the Standards and Staffing Committee and the Finance and Facilities Committee, which also meet four times a year.


Whitefield School Governors




Appointed September 2011

Member of the Standards and Staffing Committee and the Finance and Facilities Committee

Skill sets: Teaching, leadership, school improvement, data analysis, planning, events organisation, counselling.

Elizabeth started working with Whitefield School as a School Improvement Consultant in 2009. She was part of the team of consultants who went into struggling schools all across London and the south or England as part of the National Challenge Programme, a programme designed to raise standards in the country’s worst performing schools. She was then invited to join the staff at Whitefield School as the Associate Headteacher in 2011 and then appointed to the role of Headteacher in January 2015. Prior to her work with The National Challenge, Elizabeth worked as a the Assessment Consultant for Greenwich Local Education Authority and as an Associate Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher in schools across Essex. Elizabeth started her teaching career in 1986 as a newly qualified PE teacher, and then went on to lead the PE Department, then the Creative Arts Team and then became the Deputy Headteacher in Gable Hall School in Thurrock, and was integral to this school obtaining three ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspections over a period of 19 years. Elizabeth also has a passion for all aspects of the Arts and has worked part time in professional theatres since 1977, both front of house and behind the scenes, operating sound and lighting equipment and running productions in theatres all across the UK. 



Vice Chair

Community Governor

Appointed 2009/10 

Chair, Standards and Staffing Committee

No relevant business interests to declare

Summary: Jan has worked in the National Health Service and in Higher Education for over 30 years. An intensive care nurse by background, she is currently a Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the School of Health and Education at Middlesex University. Jan is a member of Health Education North Central East London Local Education Training Board that has responsibility for ensuring high quality education and training is provided to all health professionals across the area.



Chair of Governors

Parent Governor

Appointed July 2016

Member of the Finance and Facilities Committee

Relevant business interests: Head of Research in Psychology, University of Hertfordshire.

Previously: Parent Governor, Garden Suburb Junior

Skills set: scientific psychology, green building techniques, engineering

Summary: Mike has worked as a scientist since receiving his PhD in 1993, first at the Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge and, since 2000, as Reader in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire.  He studies human short-term memory and its relationship with language. His first degree was in Engineering Science and he is also Director of the Cube Project, through which he designs environmentally friendly microhouses.


Community Governor

Appointed May 2015

Member of the Finance and Facilities Committee

No relevant business interests to declare

Skills set: Marketing, communications, PR, strategy

Summary:  Reema has worked for various organisations such as Barclays and the National Audit Office, in Corporate Affairs roles.  Reema currently tutors French and has recently set up a business called Surf Spain, which organises school trips/language holidays to Spain, teaching Spanish and water sports.  



Community Governor

Appointed February 2015

Member of the Standards and Staffing Committee

Business interests: London Regional Lead for Government initiatives

Skills set: Planning & Organising, attention to detail, support in challenging times, strategy

Summary: Jules has worked for the retailer John Lewis for 17 years as a Manager in various departments, both front of house and behind. 

Currently as a Regional Learning Facilitator supports Partners within 5 branches with their development, which will alow them to grow, feel and play an important role in the success of their Business. 

She also spent 8 years in Portugal as a Teaching Assistant in an International school.

Jules also avidly competetes  around the Country in the Strongwomen competitions too!

Dr Catherine Gunnell


Community Governor

Appointed June 2015

Member of the Standards and Staffing Committee

No Business Interests to declare

Skill sets: Planning, strategy, risk management, business intelligence and governance

Summary: Catherine has worked in planning and governance roles at a number of Universities and is currently the Director of Corporate Planning and Performance at the University of Westminster.



Local Authority Governor

Member of the Standards and Staffing Committee

Agnes has been a local Cllr for 33 years, was Deputy Mayor and then elected Mayor in 1997/98.  She served on the Education Committee including safe guarding and served on the Adoption Panel for many years.  Agnes is currently on the Advisory Panel for safeguarding children and on Planning, Environment, Communities Leadership committees and SACRE (Standing Conference of Religious Education).  As well as being a member of St John the Evangelist Parochial Church Council she also an Eucharistic Minister.  Agnes also founded BACA (Barnet African Caribbean Association) day centre which still currently operates at the BMCC (Barnet Multicultural Community Centre).




Parent Governor

Appointed January 2016

Member of the Standards and Staffing Committee

Leena has worked in childcare and early years education for over twenty years both in the UK and in Europe.  She currently works at Dollis Infant School as part of the Early Year Foundation Stage.  As well as being a mentor for other staff members she is involved in training, supporting and supervising students who are studying towards a qualification in child care.  Amongst these roles, she is also the MGB union representative and continually supports members of the union within the school.  Being committed to education at all levels, she volunteers to help adults at a local college who are learning English as part of an ESOL education.

Since September 2015 Leena has been an active member of the Whitefield Parent Teacher Association and has helped organise and run various events within the school.



Community Governor

Appointed May 2016

Member of the Finance and Facilities Committee

Finance Director at International Student House

Director of Saddlers Mews (residents Association)

Summary: Simon has worked in higher and secondary education, as well as various other sectors, over a 30 year career. A chartered accountant by background, he is currently the Finance Director at International Student House with oversight of Finance and IT functions. Simon’s first degree was in science. Simon also has accounting qualifications, CIPD membership and an MBA (Henley Business School).



Staff Governor

Information coming soon.


Staff Governor

Information coming soon.



Academic Year 16/17

5 July 2017 6.00pm

24 May 2017 6.00pm

22 March 2017 6.00pm 

7 December 2016 6.00pm

21 September 2016 6.00pm

Academic Year 15/16

6 July 2016 6.00pm

18 May 2016 6.00pm

23 March 2016 6.00pm

27 January 2016 6.00pm

9 December 2015 6.00pm

23 September 2015 6.00pm


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