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Business Studies

The Business department seeks to provide students with a sound understanding and appreciation of the challenges and opportunities associated with the world of Business. Students are encouraged to take inspiration from success stories both small and large, and to take more of an interest in the world surrounding them.

In Business students will either achieve a Level 2 BTEC or GCSE qualification with the opportunity to continue their study at Level 3. Topics such as “How Businesses are set up” and “What makes a great entrepreneur” aim to help students develop into critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds. From  studying the subject pupils are able to develop understanding and gain an insight into how businesses work and how they can begin their own companies in later life.  Students who do choose to study Business at level 3 often continue their studies at university.

We run a variety of trips to enhance the students understanding of the subject; so far we have visited The Bank of England, Cadbury World and Coca Cola in Edmonton.