Once your child is registered at a school, the parents or carers are legally responsible for making sure they attend school regularly and punctually. Parents, and those with parental responsibility, are required to ensure that children of compulsory school age receive effective full time education. This means that they are responsible for ensuring that children attend and stay at school unless alternative arrangements for their education are made.

Good Attendance is Key

At Whitefield School we would like all our students to aim for 100% attendance, with a minimum target of 96%.

There are clear links between good attendance and academic attainment. Students who are regularly in school have:

  • More opportunities to achieve their full potential.
  • More opportunities to learn new things and develop their skills.
  • Better chances to make friends and feel socially included.
  • Less risk of getting involved in antisocial behaviour or criminal activity.
  • Children with over 95% attendance are more likely to gain higher grades at GCSE or equivalent qualification.
  • 90% attendance is equal to missing school half a day every week.

School Attendance Policy

  • Unless a student is prevented from attending due to sickness he or she should be in school every day.
  • Parents should avoid, wherever possible making medical or dental appointments for their child during school hours.
  • Only the school can authorise an absence.
  • If the reason provided for an absence is unacceptable or, after further investigation, there are concerns about the explanation given or no explanation is provided, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.
  • A student should have no unauthorised absences.
  • Parents are expected to call the attendance office to report a child’s absence every day of absence.
  • Once child returns from absence a note from parent should be provided to the school attendance office.
  • Some form of medical evidence should be provided for 3 or more days of consecutive absence due to illness.  

Punctuality Every Minute Counts

Being Late = Learning Time Lost

Students should be in school by 8:40am ready for AM line up. 

Students who are always on time get prepared for their professional life, developing a sense of responsibility.

During AM registration students spend valuable time with form tutors being informed of key school information and having a good start to the day.

Being late not only affects the learning of your child but disturbs the learning of other students in the class.

Consistent lateness will result in a Fixed Penalty Fine being issued to parents. 


Please support your child by helping them to be in school every day and on time. If you child misses school their learning will suffer. The school is happy to support you and your child in resolving any issues which maybe impacting on your child’s attendance. Please contact your child’s Form Tutor, Year Team Leader or the dedicated Attendance Staff below if you need to discuss anything.

School Attendance Officer

Telephone: 0208 4554 114 Ext 265

School Educational Welfare Officer (EWO)

The school now has a dedicated EWO attached directly to the school from Barnet Council. This additional service will enable the school to make direct referrals for students with poor attendance.

This will also allow the school to initiate formal proceedings for educational supervision orders, fixed penalty fines or prosecution in court. This will ensure prompt response to cases of serious attendance and punctuality concerns.  



Parents should not take their child on holiday during school term time as this is disruptive to both the child’s learning and to the school.

In rare instances where there are ‘Exceptional Circumstances’, parents should write to the Headteacher in advance for permission.

Availability or expense of flight tickets is not a factor for consideration.  

Taking your child on holiday during term time will result in being issued a Fixed Penalty Fine for unauthorised leave during term time.

Please be aware of the school’s academic calendar and make holiday arrangements outside of school days.