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Computing and ICT Curriculum Overview

"Computer science empowers students to create the world of tomorrow"
Satya Nadella


The Computing and IT curriculum offers our students a dynamic range of skills and experience to prepare them for a future in the digital world.

Computer Science challenges students to deepen their knowledge of computer systems, programming, algorithmic thinking and logic, enhancing their ability and competence in project management. KS5 enriches the learning experience with additional programming languages such as SQL, C# and Javascript enabling students to explore and develop computational solutions that model real world problems.

At KS5, students advance their knowledge and expertise in IT and global information and increase proficiency in using software applications such as Dreamweaver and App inventor. Theory and practical is balanced to enable our students to become resilient analytical thinkers and problem solvers, with Interventions that take place to ensure progress is made with all students.

The curriculum at all key stages enriches digital literacy and competence to solve real world problems, preparing our students for their next steps in further education or employment.




  • IT and computing pathways allow students the opportunity to be creative, competent and ambitious, aspiring in the career path of their choice. The fundamentals of IT, skills, knowledge and practical experience of using software applications is the core of preparing students to become active participants in the future workplace and digital era. Spreadsheets and Augmented Reality are examples of applications taught to develop solutions in relevant contexts which include real world scenarios.


  • At KS3, all students are engaged with a broad and varied curriculum to equip them with knowledge to use the internet safely and be aware of the dangers and misuse of technology. Basic programming principals are taught through 2D and 3D game development environments such as Scratch, Gamemaker and Kudo Game Lab. Further development of programming skills and the principles of problem solving are incorporated through learning Python, a high level programming language and HTML. The fundamental concepts of programming are mastered through block based and text based languages formulating a firm base to excel at KS4.