Music in Secondary Schools Trust (MISST) works with schools across the UK and provide funding for classical instruments as well as provide regular tuition opportunities. This groundbreaking scheme gives all Year 7 students free, ongoing instrumental lessons for three years as part of the taught music curriculum. They are supplied with free instruments (currently violin, viola, flute, trumpet or trombone) and given opportunities to perform in concerts and events at prestigious London concert venues, (eg The London Palladium and Cadogan Hall) on a programme which is funded by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Other opportunities include 3 days of intensive tuition at Radley College and playing for a day in a large orchestra alongside students from another MiSST school. 

Being part of MiSST reflects the school’s commitment to the Arts in a time when Music, Drama and Dance are disappearing from many school timetables.

"The Music in Secondary Schools Trust believe that young people’s lives can be transformed through classical music education. We offer free musical instruments, high quality teaching, and performance opportunities to over 3,700 students to improve their educational and social outcomes."