ParentPay is a secure system used in many schools around the country. It allows parents to monitor and top-up their child’s account, and to also pay for trips. You will find lots of information about ParentPay on this page. For further information if you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact the school via email at


Whitefield School has a cashless catering system for all year groups that links with ParentPay, enabling parents to view their child’s account and make online payments for school lunches, trips and other activities.

We encourage students not to borrow money from staff or other students; Please ensure that your child’s account is always topped up to avoid an embarrassing or difficult situation for both students and staff.

To see a list of the food that is available in the Whitefield school canteen and a list of prices, please click here

How to set up a parent pay account? Please click here

How do I pay and track payments via my Parentpay account? Please click here

What can I pay for using Parentpay?

  • School dinners 
  • School trips
  • Books
  • Ties 
  • Other school essentials

How do i pay money into my child's lunch account?

By credit/debit card – Via Parentpay – A username, password and full instructions are given to parents for each child when they start at Whitefield School. This is the most secure method of topping up your child’s account. ParentPay can be accessed at any time by clicking on the ‘pp’ icon at the top or bottom of the website. You can also access here: ParentPay.

  • By credit/debit card or cash – Via a Paypoint outlet using a Paypoint barcode. To request your barcode, please submit the online form below or e-mail

  • A list of Paypoint locations can be found on, just type in your postcode (the nearest Paypoint location to the school is AFG Brentcross Food Centre (1-3 Claremont Way, NW2 1AJ) 0.14 miles from school).

How does my child buy lunch?

Students select their meal, go to the till and scan their card or use their biometric data using their finger which brings up their account details. The canteen staff can verify that the student has money to spend or has a Free School Meal allowance. The items purchased are then keyed in and charged to the student’s account or their FSM allowance automatically.

How do I check what my child has been eating/spending on their lunch account?

By logging on to your ParentPay account, you can check all transactions and purchases made.

How do I limit my child's spending each day?

The maximum amount per day for purchases is set at £6 per student (providing there are sufficient funds on the account).

My child is not returning to school in September, can i have their lunch account balance transferred to a sibling account or get a refund?

Yes, please read the guidelines on the ParentPay website and e-mail to make your request.

I have forgotten my username and password for Parentpay - how do I load money onto my child's account?

If you have forgotten any of your login details please email or fill in the form below and a new password will be sent to you. Or you can request your Paypoint barcode – please state which trip/item or lunch it is for by adding PAYPOINT (+ITEM NAME) after inserting your name into the NAME field below.

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